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Here's What to Look for During a Mattress Trial

New Happsy organic mattress on a queen bed with the Happsy box nearby

Similar to a new car, a new mattress is an investment. It’s only natural you’d want to take it for a test drive first, right? If you've been mattress shopping lately, you've probably seen a lot of companies offering a free mattress trial period. But, what is a mattress trial and how does it work? 

As the first organic bed-in-a-box, Happsy is committed to making sure you feel comfortable purchasing a mattress online – and oh-so-comfortable when you're sleeping on that mattress! Let's break it down.

Pro tip: you need to break in a mattress!

Woman resting after setting up a new Happsy organic mattressWoman resting after setting up a new Happsy organic mattress

Here’s the hard truth: your best night of sleep likely won’t happen on your first night with your new mattress. Why? Because your body has become used to your old mattress! It can take time to adjust. 

This adjustment period is necessary for your body to get to know your new mattress. This reaction can make it seem like you’ve made the wrong decision and purchased the wrong mattress, when in reality you may just need to break it in like a new pair of gym shoes. This is why a free mattress trial is so beneficial and should ease shoppers’ minds. 

Are mattress trials really risk free?

Whether the mattress trial is really risk free will depend on the manufacturer. If, during the trial period, the customer is dissatisfied with the mattress for any reason, they can usually return it for a full refund or exchange it for a different model, ensuring a more informed and risk-free purchase. 

However, always make sure you read and understand the company’s policy before agreeing to it. These mattress trials have become increasingly popular as they provide peace of mind and help customers make more confident choices when investing in a good night's sleep – which is great. But it also means that some companies may use this as a marketing tool and bury certain conditions in the fine print.

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4 Things to evaluate during your trial period

It can take anywhere from two weeks to two months to adjust to your new mattress. If you’re taking advantage of a free trial, there are a number of things you’ll want to keep an eye out for during your adjustment period to evaluate whether this is the right mattress for your needs. 

Woman pressing down on a mattress to test its firmnessWoman pressing down on a mattress to test its firmness

1. Overall comfort

During your mattress trial, you’ll want to assess your overall comfort level. Obviously if your mattress isn’t comfortable, you’re not going to want to sleep on it. Mattress firmness or lack thereof will play a big factor in comfort level. 

Additionally, the mattress’s support will also make a difference. Is it an innerspring mattress? Encased coils? Latex? Hybrid? These are all factors to consider that can determine your comfort level. Pay attention to any new aches, pains or stiff joints. 

2. Temperature

Heat retention is another important factor to consider during your mattress trial, especially for hot sleepers. Certain materials, like memory foam, may trap heat more than others while others effectively dissipate it. If you live in a warm climate or tend to run hot, pay close attention!

3. Chemical odor

Off-gassing is common and results from the glues, foams, flame retardants and other chemicals and materials commonly found in new mattresses. This off-gassing expels volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air and can harm your indoor air quality and health. 

When it comes to mattresses, memory foam and synthetic latex tend to emit the most VOCs. If your new mattress has a strong, lingering chemical odor, it may be wise to return it for one that is certified organic and non-toxic (like Happsy!).

4. Quality of sleep

Pay attention to your sleep duration during the trial period of a new mattress. While there is an adjustment period where your sleep may slip, you should find that you steadily crawl back to your normal sleep quality and duration. If you don’t and are continually waking feeling not rested, this could be a sign you chose the wrong mattress for your needs. 

Woman smiling and lounging on her new mattressWoman smiling and lounging on her new mattress

Happsy's risk-free mattress trial

Happsy is proud to be the first organic bed-in-a-box – and we’re also proud of how we make online mattress shopping easy! Our guaranteed risk-free mattress trial offers a 120-night period during which you can try your new Happsy organic mattress at home. We also offer free shipping and free returns should you decide Happsy isn’t the right fit for you. 

With our 120-night trial, free shipping, free returns and 20-year warranty, there’s no reason to stress when you make a purchase from Happsy. Our commitment to you lasts far beyond that “add to cart” moment. We can’t wait for you to experience Happsy and get the most out of your sleep trial!

Making your first mattress purchase? We have some tips on what to consider!