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Product Returns

The Happsy mattress has been designed to work perfectly for most sleepers, but we understand everyone is unique. To get a true feel for the Happsy mattress, we recommend breaking it in for at least 30 days. While most of our customers fall in love with their Happsy instantly, others can take some time to adjust. And with 120 glorious nights, there's no need to rush.

How does a mattress actually get returned?

Mattresses don't actually get returned to us.  Rather, they are typically donated or recycled depending on state and local ordinances. Either way, your mattress will be picked up and responsibly processed at no cost to you.

What about other items?

For other non-mattress products (i.e. topper, accessories, etc.), please contact us and we will send you a prepaid return label and schedule a pickup with FedEx or UPS.

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